Zachary J. Leonardo

Aspiring Software Engineer

Hello, welcome to my website! I'm currently working on my bachelors degree in Computer Science at Allegheny College. I've been fascinated by computers my entire life, so computer science was an obvious fit.

I am currently employeed at Geisinger Medical Center as a foodservice worker and have been for the last 2 years. As an occasional B-code lead I am responsible for supervising the processes and food service team on a daily basis. I am also on the executive board for Gator Activities Programming as the current VP of Internal Operations.

Intrests & Goals:

  • I am currently interested in software design, development, and testing with Python and Java.

  • I plan on practicing test driven devlopment, and expanding my knowledge of Pytest.

  • After graduation in May, I hope to start a full time position in the software engineering or DevOps fields.

Current Projects:

  • TweetPolarity

    My current project is independent research to develop a tool to estimate the political stance of Twtter users as part of my senior capstone project at Allegheny College. This tool is written primarily in Python and interacts with the Twitter develoment API with support from the tweepy library. The goal is to develop an algorithm to abstract a sentiment towards political entities in a tweet, and classify the user into a political ideology based on its' results of every political tweet. The finished product will be fully tested in Pytest, and operatable in the command line.

Contact Me

Feel free to email me or visit my social media pages.

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