Zachary J. Leonardo

Full Stack Software Developer

Hello, welcome to my website!

I am a full-stack software developer with 2+ years of experience designing and building service-oriented web applications. In 2020 I graduated from Allegheny College where I pursued a degree in Computer Science. I consider myself a creative person with a passion for technology, so computer science was a great fit. I have the most experience (and fun!) working with the React framework with a Java backend. However, I've utilized Angular and other frameworks/tools in my free time. I am currently looking any full stack web development opportunities to help continue growing my skillset in the web development field.

Technical Skills:

  • Proficient in Java programming language with a strong emphasis on Spring framework for building robust and scalable applications.

  • Extensive experience in developing modern web applications using React and Angular, showcasing a deep understanding of front-end development principles.

  • Adept at working with SQL databases, with a focus on PostgreSQL, enabling efficient data management and complex querying for data-driven applications.

Past Projects:

  • Covid Human Matcher (CHM)

    In collaboration with a team of five skilled junior developers, I contributed to an engaging full-stack project that showcased our collective expertise in web development. Our goal was to design and develop an interactive application that facilitates meaningful connections between users by matching them based on shared interests.

  • Polarized

    For my senior capstone research project, I undertook an endeavor to design and develop a command-line Python program that leveraged the Twitter API to determine the political polarity of specific users. The program employed various machine learning algorithms, which I then documented and articulated my findings in a comprehensive research paper.

Contact Me

Feel free to email me or visit my social media pages.

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